Orthotics Designed for You

At Fareham Foot Health Clinic, we have a wide range of standard orthotics available as well as the capability to design custom-made solutions just for you. Tailored to your requirements, our orthotics are from the market leaders, giving you the confidence that you’ll be investing in the best of the best.

After assessing your foot condition and coming to the conclusion that orthotics will be the most suitable solution for you, we’ll place an order after carefully measuring your feet.

Why choose us for Orthotics?

There are many reasons why we are a great choice when it comes to choosing orthotics:

  • Standard and Custom-Made Designs Available
  • Full Assessment to identify Suitability
  • Advice and Guidance on how to experience best results

Our Prices

Custom-made orthotics range from £180 to £250

Standard orthotics range from £60 to £130