Effective Nail Surgery Procedures in Fareham

At Fareham Foot Health Clinic, we provide nail surgery procedures for ingrowing toenails. If all the usual treatments prove unsuccessful for curing an ingrown toenail, or it becomes a chronic or recurrent condition, then nail surgery may be required.

Though nail surgery may seem like a costly option, it is usually only used as a last resort, and has a very high success rate amongst our patients.

Why choose us for Nail Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our team of podiatrists for your nail surgery requirements, including:

  • High success rates with long lasting results
  • Excellent levels of care before, during and after your surgery
  • Skilled and experienced podiatrists
  • Follow up appointments to check dressings and healing

Our Prices

Our nail surgery prices below. includes all follow-up dressing appointments thereafter.

One Toe – £400

 2 Toes – £450

If More Than 2 Toes – On Arrangement

For a case-specific quotation, please contact us for an initial assessment.