Biomechanic Assessment

in Fareham

Biomechanics is the study of forces and the effect of the forces on the body. 

Your biomechanical assessment

At Fareham Foot Health Clinic we can carry out a biomechanical assessment which can determine cause and effect of forces applied to and by the body. We evaluate the feet, legs and body position whilst weight bearing and non - weight bearing and foresee any problems that may arise, now and in the future.
Should any problems or potential issues arise than we would create a plan for a rehabilitation programme, or if the problem is mechanical - an orthotic prescription.
Biochemical assessment

Suitable treatment for the following:

Shin splints, runners knee, pronation, heel pain, pronation, plantar fasciitis, limb length discrepancies, low back, knee, forefoot, toe pain, bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, Hallux Rigidus/limitus, Morton's neuroma and Metatarsalgia. 
Knee pain

Our prices

A biomechanical assessment is £45 for 45 minutes.  
This includes a full biomechanical assessment of the body and thereafter the creation of a rehabilitation programme or orthotic prescription.
To find out more about the use of orthotics, please click here. Please contact us about biomechanical assessments or any of our other services.

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To schedule a biomechanical assessment in Fareham, get in touch with Fareham Foot Health Clinic on
01329 825 156
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